We will design and manage a complete research programme that gives you real insight. We start by examining the work you have already done, and doing initial qualitative research to understand the local context. We then design and manage a comprehensive quantitative research exercise that gathers information on opinions, demographics, behaviour, and psychological types. Once a campaign is underway, we will also manage further research that measures impact.

Campaign Strategy

We use the data and insights collected during research to identify your key audiences and we tell you how to move them to action. This includes identifying messages that will resonate, the right channels to use, the best tone, and other information required to make your campaign a success. We will provide you with a full outline of the campaign strategy for each target segment, which can be divided according to geography, demographics, product features, or other criteria that you determine.

Digital Media

Digital media tools can be a cost-effective and powerful means for reaching your audiences, and we will translate our campaign strategy into an executable online engagement plan. We will then deliver the digital strategy ourselves using the right combination of paid and organic online channels, or work with your existing agency to ensure they derive full benefit from our research. Digital media provides ongoing feedback on the success of messages and targeting, and we will be updating our approach on an ongoing basis based on real results.

Campaign Management & Strategic Advisory

We will help you build an effective campaigning organisation that delivers results, and support your drive for success during the campaign. As a standard part of our engagement with you, we will undertake an audit of your existing human resources and operational processes in order to highlight what you are doing well and what could be improved. As you move forward with executing your campaign, we will also provide ongoing support. This could involve organising voter and customer engagement, improving your data infrastructure, planning GOTV efforts, and generally helping your campaign to run as smoothly as possible. Our campaign management services will be customised to fit your specific needs and objectives.